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Born in Paris, he is best known for his invention of the ondes Martenot, an instrument he first noticed in 1928 and spent decades perfecting. He unveiled a microtonal model in 1938. The 1937 World's Fair in Paris awarded him "Le Grand Prix de l'Exposition Mondiale". He taught at the Paris Conservatoire during the 1940s.

Martenot, also found in active methods the necessary stimuli for autonomy and to make music teaching enjoyable, he left great contributions to musical pedagogy e  his work is also present in the elementary syllabus of didactic disciplines of the Bachelor of Music curricula.

Martenot proposes a gradual sequence that leads to learning to read and write music, accompanied by a ludic, motivating and pleasant educational environment, where one can expand the affective musical experience. For this, the music educator created a series of attractive expedients, through musical games, starting from practical activities to theoretical ones. Martenot is the one who brings the use of non-conventional writings, before the introduction of formal writing.

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