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Pearl, Translator

When I started taking classes with Felipe, I didn't know anything about music.

He always encouraged and supported me. His teaching technique helped me to overcome my limits and that was important for my personal growth.

Mayara, Cord. Pedagogical

My son loves the music class! Thank you for all the affection with my little one! ♥️

Isaac, Businessman

He has the gift and experience of teaching, a teacher who is confident, calm, affectionate, and shares his knowledge; explains what the student is doing at that moment; has artistic sensitivity of the student; he has an open mind (to other rhythms and musical styles) he is an excellent professional and person.

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berale, student

It was very good, I learned a lot. 

Great teacher!

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Edward, Student

Prof. he has great explanations, teaches well, is dedicated and is a very nice guy.


William, Student

I love guitar lessons.

They are fun and I learn a lot!

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